What is KnowledgeWave?

KnowledgeWave is a training membership of complete access to extensive on-demand video training libraries and monthly live webinars.  Think Netflix for business training and development.  Self-serve type training is offered alongside live events to meet the needs and learning styles of more employees.  

From task-oriented videos that solve specific software problems, to comprehensive courses.  From on-demand videos to live, online sessions.  KnowledgeWave offers a complete package that meets the needs and learning styles of more team members on many business topics that other training services don't have.

WHat's included & what can you expect?

KnowledgeWave is a subscription-based online training service brought to you by one of the largest Managed Services Providers in the US.  Think of it as a Prime Membership for employee continued education.  Once enrolled, employees are invited to set up their personal accounts.  They will have access to ongoing general business trainings and end user software training.  Training topics include, but are not limited to:

✔️Microsoft Office 365
✔️Microsoft Office 2016 & 2019
✔️Microsoft Windows, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access
✔️Microsoft Teams
✔️Microsoft OneDrive
✔️Microsoft OneNote
✔️Skype for Business
✔️Microsoft SharePoint
✔️Computer Security Awareness and Best Practices
✔️Professional Development

Knowledgewave Benefits

✔️Blended learning for all learning styles
✔️Thousands of videos
✔️Free Live Webinars
✔️Keep up with software changes and updates
✔️Maximize the value realized from Office 365 and other software investments
✔️Boost productivity
✔️Increase employee confidence
✔️Professional Development

Create a learning environment for employee success

Software and business systems are not self-explanatory.  Some companies assume that all modern software is self explanatory and that employees can and will figure it out on their own.  This approach usually will drastically fail and can require serious damage control afterward.

Rather than crossing your fingers that employees will seek out information they need to do their jobs on their own, create a learning environment to propel your team to success.  Training your workforce to use the latest features to work efficiently gives your business a competitive advantage and empowers your employees.

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