A Secure Way to Share and Collaborate

What Is ShareBase?

ShareBase is an enterprise file-sharing solution that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control.  Because many processes require employees to share and collaborate on documents and projects inside and outside your organization, it is best to have a product that is simple to manage, but provides you with complete control and security. See what ShareBase has done for Applied Imaging.

A file sync and share tool like ShareBase fits the needs and expectations of each user without the costly hard-to-manage options.  ShareBase also removes the need of employees using their own sharing methods that are out of your control.  With ShareBase your cloud sharing is simple and secure.  

What's Included & What You Can Expect

With more than 25 years of expertise in business, ShareBase is hosted in a cloud specifically designed for business content management.  Training on how to best use the platform will be provided so you can fully utilize ShareBase for the full three month trial.

✔️Every ShareBase customer receives unique encryption keys, protecting your information from unauthorized access.
✔️Your corporate data will never be co-mingled with that of other organizations
✔️Public RESTful APIs to integrate with any number of applications within your organization to extend their capabilities to include internal and external sharing and collaboration
✔️Secured for IT but optimized for user experience
✔️Users can set permissions per each share of each document; leverage password protection for external shares; and set shared documents to expire
✔️Access content and share from anywhere, using a web browser
✔️Easily edit files directly within the file’s native application
✔️Intuitive chat features for commenting, ShareBase tracks related conversations and allows users to subscribe to notifications as they collaborate on content
✔️Designed corporate-first and enterprise-ready, built to be your corporate sharing standard.

Sharebase Benefits

✔️Gain control over sharing
✔️Role-Based Security
✔️Revocation of access when employees leave
✔️Simple transfer of ownership
✔️Interaction with content management software
✔️Private hosting in a purpose-built cloud
✔️Built for Enterprise
✔️Empowers users to share and work better, together

Would you like to try ShareBase free for 90 days?

You will have cess to all of the features ShareBase offers and we include tutorials on the platform to make sure you get the most out of your 90 days.